How To Attach Hair Pieces

Article by Cherry Bonachita

When you are balding, your natural instinct is to cover it with hair pieces. And what else could be better when this is so far the safest and most affordable hair replacement. Hair pieces can be hair extensions, wigs and toupees made of human hair or synthetic fibers. It is all up to you which to choose according to what’s appropriate for your hair loss case. Hair replacement by hair pieces can be attached in two ways. It could either be the following:

* Hair weaving. This is done by sewing the hair extensions to your existing hair. This should be done in hair salons or by hair experts. Otherwise, there is a risk that the precious existing hair will be damaged. Also, the hair extension should be weaved just right; not too loosely or not too tight. Hair weaving will not last long so you will have to return to the salon every now and then.

* Bonding. This makes use of adhesives to attach the hair piece to the head. This method of attaching is appropriate for head with little hair left and the scalp is clearly seen. Because it uses adhesives, you can actually take it off whenever you like. Although it is easy to attach the hair piece by adhesives, you need to be sure that your head is clean and you are not sensitive to the adhesive. Hair salons usually offer services like attaching, cleaning and coloring the hairpiece.

Hair clubs and salons offer a system to this non-surgical hair replacement. It is called a system because you need maintenance to the hair pieces and needs constant re-attachment. This is because the hair piece is not a permanent method of hair replacement. However, with the right way of attaching the hair piece, you will surely look like you got your hair back.

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